My Media Diet


Ben's Bookshelf Here are the books I'm working on right now, courtesy of the social networking site Shelfari. To check out all the books I've read the last couple years, click here. Ben's News Cloud As part of my daily reading routine, whenever I come across an article I like I earmark the page using the social bookmarking site Below you can see a tag cloud depicting the content tags I've attached to those stories. The more frequently a tag occurs, the larger it appears. Click on any of the words to see a list of the stories filed with that tag. This project began in the first week of December 2006, so the cloud represents my news reading habits since then. Ben's Music Quilt Since the end of January 2007, all the music I've listened to on my computer has been recorded in a database at Here is a quilt displaying covers from the albums I've played most frequently. Blogs by people I know