Rock over Google! Rock on DC!


There's another new link over there on the sidebar, this one called DC Music Stores. It leads to a map of what is billed as the definitive list of music stores in the DC area. All I did was pull down the list and throw it up on the map. I tossed in a couple other shops off the Post's site too.

If something is wrong or missing or out of date, let me know and I'll work to work it out. Enjoy. And allow me to recommend the CD Warehouse on M Street. They have an excellent selection of new and used CDs from Continental electronic musicians. Like Ellen Allien.

12.21.06 UPDATE: Yesterday this map was featured by the local blog DCist and subsequently linked by Wonkette, who summarized my creation as "kind of the most depressing Google Maps mashup yet." For the benefit for my self-esteem, let's just assume they were referring to the quality of DC's music shops and not my craftsmanship.

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But, either way, check out what all the attention did for my hit count.