Ben's Music Quilt


Like many of my fellow pale, white Americans, I have a job that requires I spend most of the work day seated in front of a computer.

It comes with a few negatives. I have minor neck pain. I've gained a little weight. And I've developed a highly refined, and easily inflamed, sensitivity toward the shortcomings of different varieties of database development software. None of which is probably doing much for my sex appeal. Especially that last one.

But it has its advantages, too. I enjoy the work. I'm blessed with great coworkers. And it's possible to complete most of my job while also engaging in one of my favorite hobbies: listening to pop music.

To make the most of the opportunity, I decided several months ago to purchase a good pair of headphones, the Grado SR-80. While I won't pretend to be an expert on the subject, they've certainly been great for me.

And, more recently, I'm signed up for an account at the social networking site Now every time I listen to a song it's cataloged by a little bug on my computer that sends the track back to their site. You can watch what I'm up to here. You should go join yourself, too. It'll be fun. (And if you do, add me as a friend!)

Since I've written about and the RSS feed of recent tracks over there in the sidebar before, I won't ramble too far. But I do have something new. Below is a quilt of album covers that displays artwork from the music I've been listening to lately.

It's dynamically generated and updated by You can check it out anytime right here or over on my media diet page. Pointless indeed, but at least marginally entertaining. Sort of like this blog, I suppose. When we're clicking, at least.