Hello, Shaw


This week marked the launch of Shawington.com, a new site focused on the Washington DC neighborhood where I live. Earlier this year it was named one of America's "bloggiest" areas, thanks to a vibrant crew of writers who have turned online journalism into a significant new force in district politics.

Shawington is an effort to join the fun. There you can find a frequently updated feed of the latest posts from all the Shaw blogs, plus a mashup map I cooked up on one of our hottest local issues, the vacant buildings littered around the neighborhood.

I handled the programming and most of the design, but the inspiration and driving force behind the site came from my housemate and landlord, Martin Moulton. Bekah Raleigh provided vital guidance with the design. And not much of anything would have been possible without the great tools developed by Wordpress, the Planet Planet project, Sam Ruby at Planet Venus, Morten Frederiksen and, while we're at it, the Google Maps people and whatever long line of saints made sure Python and Apache play so well together.

In the future we plan to expand our research on vacant properties and build out a couple more features. But this is what we're going with at the moment. Let me know what you think.