One feed, straight steez


I've got nothing but love for my Wizz RSS reader. But sometimes it's still not enough to keep up. The more feeds I add, the clunkier it gets to click my way down through the list. And I find myself lazing out and only reading about half as much as I should.

So, in an effort to help myself better keep up on what's going on, I've put together, a feed aggregator that blends together the mix of pundits, blogs, delicious feeds and gossip sheets that I dig on. The topics tend toward newspapers (plight of), data analysis and news media geekery. It's all brought together using Sam Ruby's excellent, Python-based Planet Venus application, which I previously used to assemble The one cool add this time around is Ruby's "meme" plugin, which scans the feed pool for common links and ranks the past week's most popular posts.

If it's something you like, feel free to tune in. The site is mostly intended for my personal use, but it would be great if other people found it useful. So, if there are feeds you'd like to see thrown in, or changes that would help make your life easier, just let me know and I'll try to do it up. I'm sure I left out a lot of great stuff, and I'm always out to improve my media diet.