A selection of news stories I've authored, typically based on an original data analysis and often in partnership with other reporters. Examples of my work developing software can be found here.

Life on the line: 911 breakdowns at LAFD

A groundbreaking data analysis that uncovered deep-rooted problems in the city's 911 rescue service

Dispatch lag slows call response

Operators on average take far longer than the national standard to send rescuers, a Times analysis shows

Boundaries hold up 911 response

Dispatchers rarely reach across jurisdictional lines, even when outside help is closer, according to a Times analysis

Dispatchers waste time prompting CPR

Valuable time is routinely lost before 911 callers start CPR, according to study obtained by The Times

Response lags in pricey neighborhoods

A Times investigation finds wide geographic disparities in how quickly LAFD rescuers deliver aid

Flawed data stall 911 upgrades

Poor record-keeping stymies state effort to improve emergency responses, a Times investigation found

New mayor replaces LAFD chief

In the wake of our reporting the city instituted a series of reforms, capped by the replacement of the fire chief

Compton Fire Department at a 'crossroads'

A series of scoops that triggered change at the troubled fire agency

Nearly 1 in 4 Compton firefighters working without EMT permit

Many lack the key credential, a Times investigation finds

Lawmakers calls for stricter EMT requirements

Law would require firefighters be certified

Defibrillators off Compton trucks, ambulances

County regulators order them removed after Times report

Compton fire chief put on leave

Interim chief named to fix the fire agency

Confidential audit another blow to Compton Fire

Outside report identifies more issues

Regulator calls for an overhaul

Oversight agency calls for broad and potentially costly change

LAFD hiring controversy

A series of investigative reports that prompted an overhaul of how city firefighters are hired

LAFD jobs gone in 60 seconds

Only those who submitted key paperwork inside one minute considered, thousands eliminated

Nearly 25% of recruits related to firefighters

Of 70 hired, 13 are sons and 3 are nephews

Two L.A. fire commanders reassigned

The two, who oversaw hiring and training, have sons who advanced in the recruiting process

Mayor suspends LAFD hiring

Move coincides with release of emails that show special workshops for relatives of LAFD insiders

L.A. elections, government and civic life

Data-driven coverage for and about the City of Angels

The road to an election romp

A Times analysis lays out the winning strategy in L.A.'s 2013 race for mayor

Forecast for mayor's race: Paltry turnout

The next mayor is likely to garner fewer votes than any new mayor since the pre-freeway era, according to Times projection

Where does the Westside start?

Is it a fixed place, with its own borders, customs and society, or only a state of mind?

L.A.'s Eastside: Where do you draw the line?

With no official definition, there's no official answer

Tax vote tells tale of two realities

Those in higher-crime areas supported proposal while affluent areas rejected it, according to Times analysis

LAPD map omits nearly 40% of crimes

The public database doesn't include about 19,000 serious crimes reported in other LAPD data

Occupy L.A.: A portrait of arrested protesters

The nearly 300 protesters arrested near City Hall skewed young, white, male and local, a Times analysis found

State and federal government

Data analysis that developed new insights into how government works, or doesn't

Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil

State regulators don't seem worried about lapses in reporting power-plant pollution identified by a CPI analysis

Nuclear power increasing through uprating

Turning up the power is a little-publicized way of getting more electricity from existing nuclear plants, according a Times analysis

Clear Channel gives Tate talking points

FCC commissioner received talking points against the proposed satellite radio merger

Pakistan's $4.7 billion 'blank check'

After 9/11, U.S. military funding to country soared with little oversight, according to CPI analysis

Half of high schools met U.S. goals

The figure would have been even lower if the state hadn’t used an easier measure than it does for lower grades

Federal loans go for risky business

The high percentage of loans to Columbia bars and restaurants surpasses a national trend, according to Missourian analysis