A selection of slides, videos and other materials from my public-speaking appearances.

Show and Tell with the L.A. Times Data Desk @ Hacks/Hackers, November 2015 (Los Angeles)

The Open Data Opportunity @ The Milken Institute, November 2015 (Santa Monica)

Package data like software and the stories will flow like wine @ Media Party, August 2015 (Buenos Aires)

California Civic Data Coalition @ News Challenge announcement, July 2015 (Austin)

Django + Memento @ Dodging the Memory Hole II, May 2015 (Charlotte)

Introducing Storytracker @ Dodging the Memory Hole, Nov. 2014 (Columbia, Missouri)

What is a Data Desk? and First Web Scraper @ CCCB Lab, Dec. 2014 (Barcelona)

You Must Learn @ NICAR 2014 (Baltimore)

What is a Data Desk? @ DataVis LA, Feb. 2014 (Santa Monica)

What is a Data Desk? @ Nordic Data Journalism Conference 2013 (Stockholm)

El Cartografo en su Laberinto @ Data Fest 2013 (Buenos Aires)

L.A.'s Political Calculus @ Festival of Books 2013 (Los Angeles)

Django Retrained @ NICAR 2013 (Louisville)

Is 911 a joke in your town? @ NICAR 2013 (Louisville)

How we use DocumentCloud at the Los Angeles Times @ NICAR 2013 (Louisville)

What is a Data Desk? @ ONALA May 16, 2012 (Los Angeles)

Human-assisted reporting @ ISOJ 2012 (Austin)

How I learned to stop worrying and love flat files @ NICAR 2012 (St. Louis)

Locating the story @ NICAR 2012 (St. Louis)

PostGIS is your new bicycle @ NICAR 2011 (Raleigh)

Guido's way: How to break news on Google App Engine @ NICAR 2011 (Raleigh)

Pluggable Maps @ Hacks/Hackers Dec. 15, 2010 (Los Angeles)

Django in Journalism @ DjangoCon 2008 (Mountain View)