First Python Notebook

A step-by-step guide to analyzing data with Python and the Jupyter notebook.

What you will learn

This textbook will guide you through a data-driven investigation of money in California politics.

You will learn just enough of the Python computer programming language to work with the pandas library, a popular open-source tool for analyzing data. The course will teach you how to read, filter, join, group, aggregate and rank structured data.

You will also learn how to record, remix and republish your analysis using Project Jupyter’s computational notebook, a browser-based interface for writing code that is emerging as the standard for sharing reproducible research.

You will also learn how to plot and chart your data inside the notebook using the Altair data visualization library, a Python package that offers a simple, structured grammar for generating graphics.

Who can take it

This course is free. If you’ve tried Python once or twice, have good attitude and know how to take a few code crashes in stride, you are qualified.

Table of contents