Introducing Pluggable Maps for GeoDjango


Tonight in Pasadena I will be speaking at the Hacks/Hackers event Data Visualization: An Open Brainstorm. There I will babble on a bit while flipping through the slideshow above.

The idea is pretty simple: GeoDjango apps should aim to be just as reusable as any other Django app. And, when they are, they can open up some fun possiblities.

To try and prove the point, I'm introducing latimes-pluggablemaps-uscounties, which attempts to set a template for redistributing a common GIS dataset. I'm also releasing hackhackers-dec2010, an example GeoDjango project that plugs it into a living, breathing news app.

Most importantly, I'll be closing my talk with a call for intern applications. If you want to work at @latimes with the Data Desk, give me a shout or contact my boss, Daniel Gaines.