Documentation for my lesson plans and open-source software

Lesson plans
First GitHub Scraper • An introduction to free, automated web scraping with GitHub Actions
First Python Notebook • A guide to analyzing data with Python and the Jupyter notebook
First Visual Story • A guide to publishing a standalone story from a dataset.
Open-source software
censusbatchgeocoder • A simple Python wrapper for the U.S. Census Geocoding Services API batch service
django-postgres-copy • Quickly import and export delimited data with Django and PostgreSQL
django-yamlfield • A Django database field for storing YAML data
news-homepages • A bot that gathers, archives and shares screenshots of news homepages
prefect-flow-template • A template repository with all the fundamentals needed to develop and deploy a Python data-processing routine for Prefect pipelines.
python-googlegeocoder • A simple Python wrapper for Google’s geocoder API
python-muckrock • A simple Python wrapper for the MuckRock API
savepagenow • A Python wrapper and command-line interface for’s capturing service