"First News App" rides again at NICAR 2016


This week at the annual Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE and NICAR) conference in Denver, Derek Willis and I will again be teaching our six-hour course "First News App."

Students will get hands-on experience in every stage of the web development process, writing Python, HTML and JavaScript that is recorded in Git’s version control system.

They will start with a spreadsheet. By the end they will have published an interactive database on the World Wide Web.

In the open spirit of the NICAR conference, the entire script for the class is available online at ">this link.

I've expanded it this year to include an extra section that improves the appearance of the application and introduces concepts of responsive design.

So whether you're going to the conference or not our course is waiting for you. If you give it a shot and have any problems please let me know.